Hide IP NG


Hide IP NG (Hide IP Next Generation) is an application for keeping the computer’s IP address hidden. It makes use of 1024 bits encryption to make sure that the IP address won’t be seen by others. The application is compatible with all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. Users can select from the available IP addresses from the application. The program has 11 different IP addresses 4 from the United Kingdom and 7 from the United States. Hide IP NG is also capable of assigning different IP addresses to systems that are connected to the same network.

The program has a simple window with three tabs – General, Bypass, and About. Under the General tab, users can select the browsers where the application will be used. There is also an option to launch the program when the system starts. Under the Bypass tab, users can type in websites where the IP address won’t be hidden.

Here are some of the main features of the Hide IP NG application:
• Support for HTTPS (Hypertext Protocol Secure)
• Send anonymous emails
• Prevent hacker attacks
• Post on websites without displaying real IP address
• One-click function