Hide IP Easy (Shareware)

Hide IP Easy is a network utility tool developed by It is specifically designed to conceal the real IP address of a network. An IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is a special numerical label given to each device connected to a computer network. Its primary purposes are location addressing and host/network interface identification. Because of this purposes, it allows other people to track the location of an individual connected to the Internet, which could lead to identity theft. The Hide IP Easy program is used to prevent these kinds of attacks.

The program works by concealing the network’s true IP address and creating a fake one. Anyone who tries to penetrate the computer network via the IP address will obtain the fake IP address generated by the program instead of its real IP address. This is done through a server used by the program, where it gets its new IP location. Hide IP Easy offers a clear-cut interface. It is a simple dialog box with all the functions available straight from interface itself. The interface shows the user’s real IP address. When the Hide IP function is activated, it displays both the fake and real IP addresses of the user. There is also a Check the IP button, which redirects users to a web browser that obtains information about the real IP address. Users also have the option to choose the location of the fake IP address. There are also options for launching the program on startup and the duration when the IP address will be changed.