Hide and Secret 4 The Lost World

Anarchy Enterprises (Shareware)

Hide & Secret 4: The Lost World is the fourth installment in the Anarchy Enterprises’ Hide & Secret game series. The player’s archrival is a French villain named Jacques, who has apparently stolen a highly valuable golden artifact. Moreover, he has abducted Professor Columbia, whom he plans to offer as a sacrifice in a terrifying evil ritual. Jacques believes that this ritual will give him access to an ancient treasure hidden in the heart of the jungle as well as unleash the power of the relic. Anyone who manages to unlock the secret of the relic will become immortal. Along with a crew of adventurers, the player must pursue Jacques to stop him from realizing his evil plan.

Unfortunately, the plane crashes and the entire crew are stranded in different places. The player must now find every single member of his/her team before proceeding to find the Professor. The adventure includes various challenges like hidden object games, mini-games, and inventory puzzles. The linear gameplay requires the player to unlock the triggers in order to progress in the game. In the hidden object challenges, players can activate the hint system to locate items more easily. Players can choose between Relaxed and Expert modes depending on his/her playing level.