Hidden World of Art 2 - Undercover Art Agent

Meridian93 (Shareware)

Hidden World of Art 2 - Undercover Art Agent is a hidden object game featuring famous paintings. Players take on the role of Lana Vassari, a young expert in the restoration of fine art paintings. Lana has just come home from vacation to find her hometown of Everton in chaos over loss of their treasured paintings. Lana finds out that a gang of thieves stealthily took the paintings from museums and successfully eluded the police. When the paintings were recovered, Lana discovers that these have been defaced with newly-painted objects that are not part of the original.

Part of Lana’s job is to remove unnecessary subjects from paintings with an eraser and send the restored paintings back to the museum. Players are provided with a list of objects to find and remove from the paintings. Hard-to-find objects can be located with the use of the hint button.

One day, Lana is approached by an FBI agent who asks Lana to help out in the investigation. Lana is told that with her skills in restoration and her connections to the art world, she can work as an undercover art agent. Lana is tasked to search for clues in order to expose the plans of the art thieves and restore the rest of the paintings to their rightful place in museums.