Hidden Mysteries®: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage – Titanic is a hidden object game (HOG) that was first released in 2010. The game is one of the titles in the Hidden Mysteries series. The storyline of the game revolves around a poor Englishwoman named Margaret and her rich husband named Robert. They are sailing aboard the Titanic in order to start their new life in New York.

In the game, players follow the storyline and must find hidden objects around different scenes. The objects can be placed in the player’s inventory. Aside from the seek and find gameplay, players are also presented with various puzzles. Players can travel to different parts of the ship by using the game map. The mini games that are presented to the player can also be skipped anytime. When looking for objects, there is no time restriction. The game also features an unlimited hint system, so users can use hints whenever they are stuck looking for an item.

Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage – Titanic has two possible game endings. The ending is dependent on the choice the player makes near the end of the game. It also offers a bonus game level after the player completes the entire game.