Hidden Identity 1

PopCap Games (Shareware)

Hidden Identity, or Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout, is a casual game in the hidden object genre. Players assume the role of a man who has lost his identity, and the goal of the game is to discover who he is by collecting clues. At the beginning of the game, the character wakes up in an unfamiliar hotel room in Chicago. It is here that he realizes he does not remember anything about his past; he does not even know his own name.

To recover his identity, the character must search for items containing clues. As he progresses through the game, he will also uncover the secret notes that he had written and left behind. There are 50 secret notes to find in different scenes. When all of the notes have been found, the Endless mode of the game will be unlocked. In addition to the hidden object aspect of the game, players will also solve mini-games that serve to reveal more clues about the character’s identity.

In Hidden Identity, players are not always given a list of the exact items that must be found; instead, it provides hints to suggest what the items are. This feature allows for a more challenging gameplay, because players have to figure out what to look for within a limited time. Players who find multiple items simultaneously within a short span of time will be given speed bonuses. The game also provides rechargeable hints.