Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle is a game concerning hidden objects where the goal is to find specific objects in a cluttered screen. The game has 5 chapters. Each chapter revolves around the case of a Bio-Coil fuel cell that is currently missing. Players can use hints for the objects they want to find. Using one hint decreases the entire hints pool one by one. However, free hints are added periodically throughout the game. To help in finding objects, the user may hover the mouse on the item list to check the object's silhouette. There are no time limits or points. The game is story-based. Users have to finish the game to complete and go further in the story. The game also has a save feature wherein the player starts at the last point where he exits the game.

Different areas can be accessed in any order in Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle. However, in order to continue with the game's story, certain puzzles must be completed. Some items that have been found from previous chapters are kept in an inventory for future use. Some of these items can also be combined. The game generates different hidden objects from different chapters. A player has to look for a different set of objects compared to another player in the same chapter.

There 18 mini game puzzles in Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle. These mini-games are optional and the user can choose not to play them.