Hidden & Dangerous 2

Illusion Softworks (Proprietary)

Hidden & Dangerous 2 is a stealth-based tactical shooter game developed by the company, Illusion Softworks. Released in 1999, this game is set during World War II and focuses on the tactics of the British Special Air Service. The player takes on the role of a four-man squad, which is deployed to different locations around the world to collect crucial intelligence and obstruct communications in order to block the enemy’s forces. The plot starts with a scene in extremely cold Norway in 1941, and proceeds to a diverse variety of environmental conditions like the dry and hot North African desert, the humid jungle of Burma, Austria, northern France, and Czechoslovakia. Well-known landmarks and scenery in these locations are depicted in the game.

The game offers three modes from which the player must choose at the start of the game: the Campaign mode, which involves a four-man team, the Lone Wolf mode, and the Carnage mode that requires the player to kill all enemies in each mission. In the Carnage mode, the player can also take on a Single mission, in which s/he can go back to completed missions and play them again using different strategies. After choosing a mode, the player must then select from among 40 types of soldiers, each of which has its own set of attributes. Hidden & Dangerous also allows players to interact with other players via the Internet.