Hidden Administrator 10.04.1

Rational Soft (Shareware)

Hidden Administrator is a program that is used to remotely control or manage computers.  Network administrators can use this for full root access on any computer connected to the local area network and wide area network. It can simultaneously monitor and minister up to 256 computer users.

Once installed on the server and client computers, Hidden Administrator allows complete administrator access to the client computer. It shows the client desktop’s display in real time. The administrator can then control the remote desktop using the keyboard and mouse. The CMD console window is also enabled for executing operating system command.

The client computer’s registry is also accessible and it can be remotely turned on and off. An administrator can also send chat messages to client computers for instant communication and feedback. Employees who abuse their office-issued computers can be discreetly monitored. Everything done in the remote computer can be recorded into a video file for review later.

Running applications, browsing history, illegal torrent downloads, printing activities, and USB drive usage are also scrutinized by Hidden Administrator. The network administrator can shut down applications wasting broadband resources on client computers. Passwords and other user restrictions can be applied to client computers as well. Lastly, this software also allows IP address filtering to prevent employees from accessing certain websites that may hinder productivity. Social networks can be blocked. This program is also useful for troubleshooting computers remotely. Tech support experts can use this tool to repair computers via Internet connectivity.