Hexus 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Hexus is a gaming application for both desktop PCs and laptops. The game features a Pharaoh and the town of Egypt. The player’s objective is to construct a town and rebuild the ancient kingdom of Pharaoh. Players assume the role of a Pharaoh or the Queen of Egypt.

Hexus is a puzzle type of computer game. It can be also classified as a strategy game. That is because the player has to strategize in building an ancient town of Egypt. This game has a variety of designs and decorations to use for the town construction. There is a face generator to create an avatar as well. It also includes clothes shop to transform the character into a make-believe Egyptian ruler. In playing this puzzle game, players need to find all 10 ancient artifacts. They meet a merchant, an architect, and a stylist who are assistants in decorating and creating a town.

Hexus features 100 different levels of puzzle games. However, there are also other mini games. Players can choose among the 15 minigames included. Some of these mini games include those from the “Memory” game, and “Hidden Object” game genre. Players must also solve riddles and perform tasks in order to get bonuses that are helpful in fulfilling the main objective.