Hexprobe Application 4.31

Hexprobe System (Shareware)

Hexprobe is a hex-editing tool that provides users with a high degree of control over their hard drives and the contents of these storage units. Specifically, the binary information in the files stored and loaded in the disk drives can be managed and manipulated by this utility. Its basic functions allow the editing of the binary file content, while the peripheral functions permit editing processes and disk drives. Data-pattern analysis and hex-editing are a couple of the main capabilities of this tool.

Hexprobe permits the searching, viewing, and editing of any size file. HTML, C, and formatted text files can be imported and exported. Issues with processes and disk drives can also be fixed. Preset templates may be used to repair disk sectors that may be critical or corrupted. Binary files may be edited and analyzed. Editing modes may be toggled between hex and text. Multiple programming languages are also supported.

Hexprobe allows the replacement and bookmarking of binary files. Advanced users have the option of accessing the checksum generator and CRC and hash-value calculators, in addition to a basic converter for the conversion of large integers. The simple and intuitive GUI allows use by novice programmers and casual computer users.