Hexplorer Development Team (Shareware)

Hexplorer is a utility that functions as a modifier of file data. This program is specifically designed to edit and view hexadecimal data. Hexplorer assists the user in navigation by highlighting the selected byte strings. In order to identify repeated patterns or specific addresses, there are three options: the navigator, the “Go To” option, and the find and replace function. The application’s appearance may be customized. Users can modify the following parameters based on their preference: fonts, toolbar, column display, and colors.

Some of the features of this application are:
• Structure library creator and viewer
• Capability for string highlighting
• Visual interpretation of bytes using color schemes

Hexplorer is also designed to support importing and exporting of a wide range of binary files. Binaries may be viewed in bitmap. There are tools such as pixel viewer, undo function and disassemble tool to make this capability possible.

Hexplorer has a user interface that is easy to figure out. The user can select the file through the browser of via the drag-and-drop function. Once this is done the program presents it to the user in hex view. The text interpretation of bytes is also presented. These are available in two different panes. This data editing utility may have a wide range of features but it makes it very easy for first-time users to navigate through.