HEXelon MAX v. 6.7.08

Jerzy Znamirowski (Freeware)

HEXelon MAX is a simple application that contains a math calculator, a unit converter, and a currency converter. The scientific calculator interface is complete with all the functions of an actual scientific calculator like trigonometry, roots, memory, and history. The unit converter covers a wide range of units to convert, such as units used for measuring length, distance, width, and others. The currency converter, on the other hand, pulls the currencies from an online site so it gives up-to date conversion of the different currencies used all over the world.

The default window is the math calculator window, which is equipped with a number of buttons to guide users on how to use its functions. The topmost portion is the main window with the minimize and close buttons. The menu toolbar contains several menu functions including File, Edit, Tools, Options, and Help. There are buttons on the top right portion of the screen that correspond to the numeral system and where users can choose between Oct for octal, Bin for binary, Dec for decimal, and Hex for hexadecimal. For the trigonometry function, there are also buttons where users can choose the measure of angle for calculations like Sin, Cos, and Tan. At the central bottom of the screen is a button, which allows users to resize the user interface.