HEXelon Free

HEXelon (Freeware)

HEXelon Free is three-in-one program: it is a unit converter, a currency converter, and a scientific calculator. As a unit converter, it provides users with a vast library of units. There are 14 unit categories, including temperature, length, weight, and distance. For converting currencies, the application gets updated exchange rates from a reputable online banking institution.

As a calculator, it is able to perform complex operations and functions, aside from the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The program interface is similar to that of a real scientific calculator, with the numbers and functions clearly laid out on different buttons. The program comes with three preset keyboards with 24 keys each for different functions. Users can create their own formulas and configure layouts for the keyboard to suit their purpose.

HEXelon Free comes with a built-in set of constants and can solve expressions involving trigonometric functions such as sine and cosine. When keying in a long operation, the application can detect any mistakes in input (such as a misplaced bracket) and highlights the location within the expression. Users can also add operations to the calculator’s history so they do not need to retype. The application comes with an Automatic Prompter that displays the calculator’s available constants, functions, and variables. The prompter can be accessed by pressing the space bar.