Expert Commercial Software Pty Ltd (Freeware)

HexEdit allows users to edit contents of a binary file with the use of hex values. The program has an interface similar to that of Explorer, which makes it ideal to use for programmers. The command buttons are located at the top of the main window. Majority of the window displays the hex values ready for editing. Several binary files can be opened at the same time. Users can switch between files through clicking on an appropriate tab at the top part of the window. The program supports various file types, such as .swf, .gif, .class, .iff, .sgy, and many others.

The program supports the drag and drop feature that makes it easier to edit files. In addition, users can highlight important parts of the file. HexEdit also comes with a Find Tool that makes it easier to locate specific texts within the file. The application is customizable and users can tweak the display of toolbars, the context menus, and the use of keyboard shortcuts. Other features of the application are listed below.

• Unlimited undo changes
• Support for comparing files or different parts of the same file
• Support for editing up to 4GB file capacity
• Makes use of advanced templates
• Comes with a calculator equipped with macros support