Hexagon 2

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Hexagon 2 is a modeling application from Daz 3D. The program allows the creation of 3D models with the use of freehand tools. The program supports actions such as pulling, pinching, inflating, and geometry-smoothing. The user can control the creation of 3D objects with a mouse or through a graphics tablet. With this program, the user can:

• build 3D architectural elements
• create 3D organic objects
• reuse and combine old 3D elements with new ones
• modify existing 3D elements
• design 3D logos and texts.

Hexagon 2 makes use of different tools in the creation of 3D models. Aside from the freehand brushes, it also uses 3D paint and a variety of other functions. For modeling, the application uses polyhedral 3D modeling methods. In addition, the program can also be used to provide textures to the models. It has a set of default textures. The user can also import textures from other sources. Other supported actions in this application include:

• Sculpting through high-resolution relief brushes
• UV mapping through its UV-unfold tool and mapping modules
• Rendering by exporting the 3D model to Carrara. Carrara is a 3D rendering tool which is fully-compatible with Hexagon
• Advanced Preview of fully-detailed 3D model. The preview also shows real-time shadows, ambient occlusion and real-time shadows.