Hex Editor Neo

HHD Software Ltd. (Freeware)

Hex Editor Neo enables users to edit their Windows Binary files. Binary files are a type of non-text files that are encoded in binary form and are used for computer storage and processing purposes. This program provides features that help hardware and software developers using Double, Float, Decimal, Hex, ASCII, as well as Binary data.

Hex Editor Neo has features that enable users to make patches quickly. It also has unlimited redo that can be used to manipulate various file extensions such as MP3, AVI, EXE, DAT, DLL, and JPG. This program can edit files of any size and includes a wide selection of functions that enable users to manipulate their binary files efficiently. These includes a built-in explorer used to locate files, History Browsing, History Save and Load, Multiple Selection, Selection Save and Load, and file search functions like Find All and Select All. In addition, Hex Editor enables users identify bytes, words, double words, and quad words. Other functions include a Data Inspector, Bookmarks, a Base Converter, Encodings, and Advanced Copy and Export functions. Hex Editor Neo also allows users to save and load data changes so that it can be modified later on. In addition, the program has features that let the user work on another document while another document is performing a long operation.