Heroes Of The Pacific

Transmission Games (Proprietary)

Heroes of the Pacific is a flight combat simulation game developed by Transmission Games and published by Ubisoft. The plot takes place in the 1940s during World War II, specifically the events in Pearl Harbor and the rest of the war with the Japanese forces. The player takes on the character of an  American fighter pilot named William Crowe who joins the armed forces with his brother Charlie, who signs up for the land forces. Things suddenly make a turn for the worse when the Japanese forces suddenly attack Pearl Harbor, which kills Crowe’s brother. Crowe survives the sneak attack by grabbing a plane and suppressing the enemies until the entire squadron launches into the air. When he learns that his brother was unable to make it alive after the attack, Crowe goes into a rampage that affects both enemies and his fellow squadron members.

This game offers players with six modes namely, Campaign, Single Mission, Multiplayer, Training, Historical, and Instant Action. The player can choose from among four difficulty levels in the Campaign mode, which involves basic dogfighting. In the Instant Action mode, the player has the ability to choose a battle an immediately engage in combat. In the Historical mode, the player can unlock various missions that are inspired by actual events.