Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East

Nival Interactive (Shareware)

Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribe of the East is the 2nd expansion pack for the 5th installment of its series of games. It is a strategy game that is turn-based. Although the game is an expansion pack, it is a standalone application and can be played even without the base game. The release date of the expansion pack was in 2007.

Most of the additions in the game focus on the game content. The interface during combat has been redone so that users can easily access magic spells and character abilities. Stronghold, a new faction, was also added. Members of the Stronghold Faction are the result of mixing demon blood and human blood during a wizard’s experiment. The faction’s hero is a Barbarian and units include centaurs, shamans, goblins, warriors, and slayers. The Strongholds’ skill is Blood Rage.

There are three campaigns available in the game and they all link to the same story. These are:

• Necropolis Faction – features Arantir who is the adversary in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
• Stronghold Faction – features leaders of the Orcs: Kujin and Gotai
• Academy Faction – features Wizard Zehir, a character from Heroes of Might and Magic V