Heroes of Might and Magic® IV

The 3DO Company (Proprietary)

Heroes of Might and Magic IV is the fourth installment to the Heroes of Might and Magic game series. The Windows version of this game was first released on March 28, 2002 while the Mac version was released on November 13, 2002. The game’s story follows the events of the Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost game where Gelu goes on and a quest to retrieve and destroy the Sword of Frost. The games story unravels through its six campaigns (Haven, Stronghold, Academy, Preserve, Necropolis and Asylum campaigns). Each of these campaigns focuses on a faction leader and narrates the story of how the faction leader established its reputation. Unlike the previous installment, the six campaigns are playable from the start and each story unfolds as an individual tale.

In this installment, the players are now with their troops during a battlefield. It is also possible to have one army with multiple heroes or no heroes. The game features both combat and adventure maps. The game’s non-hero spell casting units are now provided with spell selections. There’s still retaliation but now happens at the same time with the attack. This game also offers a revamped skill system wherein all the Heroes within a class start with similar skills. The Town Alignments present in this game is reduced to six and five of them correspond to a certain magic type (e.g. Death, Life, Chaos, Order and Nature).