Heroes of Might and Magic III

The 3DO Company (Proprietary)

Heroes of Might and Magic III is the third chapter of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. It was conceptualized by John Van Caneghem. It was later released by the 3DO Company in February 1999.
The game is a strategic war game, which is based on the game title’s storyline. The players control a party of generals that will take turns in attacking the enemies. A set of objectives is given to the players. These objectives must be completed first before their party can advance to the next part of the world map.

The main objective of the players is to find the Grail artifact. The players must use the heroes in their party to gather resources, defeat the enemies and conquer towns. When the players are able to fulfil all the requirements, they will be given pieces of a puzzle. They must solve this puzzle to find the location of the artifact.

The game’s world map shows an isometric view of the game’s fictional world. A mini map is also provided in the world map interface to serve as a reference for the players. The battle screen shows a 2D isometric view of the entire party. The world map houses a variety of treasures, monsters, and mines that require extensive exploration.

There are nine races in the game. With each race comes a different set of heroes that have their own skill sets. The game supports multi-player gaming. Seven campaign modes are available in the game.