Heroes of Might and Magic III: In the Wake of Gods

The 3DO Company (Proprietary)

In the Wake of Gods (a.k.a. WoG) is an unofficial expansion pack for the HoMM III – The Shadow of Death. It was developed by The 3DO Company. The expansion requires HoMM III and the Shadow of Death expansion in order for it to work. The main element in this game is the ERM – Event Related Mode – scripting that provides mapmaker with the ability to change the appearance and function of a map object found in the original game. ERM also enables changing the dynamic automated map. It can also be used as a framework when building game mods such as creature abilities, altering town build paths and more.

That game also includes several changes to the original game. In WoG, players are now capable of destroying towns. Rebuilding destroyed towns is also possible. This expansion also offers over 20 new creatures and monsters referred to as God’s Representatives. These creatures provide bonus to the character’s main skills. Also, the game features new creature banks and dwellings. Creature banks are equipped with added properties. Other changes/additions in the game include new artifacts, dwellings, and heroes’ specialties, new decorations, balance hero skills, and more. These changes are not available in the Shadow of Death expansion.