BSD Concept (Shareware)

Heredis is a genealogy program that enables users to create family trees. It can be installed n multiple devices, allowing users to add to and modify their genealogical data from anywhere. Its synchronization feature makes sure that users have the same information across devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even USB flash drives.

Another feature of this program is its high-speed data entry facility. Rather than use multiple screens for entering information about different family members, the program uses only one screen, accessed through the Family Group Data Tab. From here, users can see and add to information on children, parents, spouses, and other family relationships. Users can add information on individual family members through the Personal data tab. The program also offers various data entry tools; users can also select the pertinent data to be displayed through the Customize option.

Among this application’s features are the following:

• Addition of witnesses – witnesses to a life event may be added, such as those present during a baptism or a wedding, a doctor or a nurse during a child’s birth, and so on. Individuals who are already on the genealogical chart may be associated to the event by a drag and drop feature.
• GEDCOM import and export – the GEDCOM is the standard format used for exchanging data with other genealogy applications, which makes Heredis compatible with other programs.
• Prevention of duplicate entries – the application can identify potential double entries and alerts the user to prevent duplication of the same information.