Hercules 1.3.2

UniSVR Global Information Technology Corp. (Shareware)

Hercules Viewer is an application that lets users watch a video from different types of HermesDDS-ready devices for video sharing, such as remote camera gadgets. These gadgets must have any of the following built-in applications:

• Hercules IPcam Sharing Software – This software sets the user’s IP camera as a HermesDDS device. The user can share videos captured by that IP camera with other users or access these from other devices.
• Hercules Webcam Sharing Software – This is a program for setting up the user’s webcam as a HermesDDS device. Through this, the user can share any video captured by his webcam with his friends. He can also view it from his other devices.
• eLook Mobile Cam – With this application, the user can set up his smartphone camera as a HermesDDS device. Videos from his smartphone camera can then be seen by other users. They can also be seen from other similar devices.

HermesDDS AP is a program for downloading and executing the Hercules Viewer automatically. When the three (Hercules Viewer, HermesDDS-ready devices, and HermesDDS AP) are integrated, the user can simply select any HermesDDS camera device and double click its icon to see its video. HermesDDS-ready gadgets can be recognized and connected via the HermesDDS service.