Phatigh (Freeware)

HepYek is a Backgammon game that can be played on the computer. Backgammon is a classic table board game. In this game the players move their pieces according to the number on the dice. The game is won when the player removes all the pieces of his opponents. The pieces in Backgammon are called checkers. Initially, the pieces are distributed across the board. The opponent may hit or block the checkers during his turn. There are also two dice in the game. At the start of the game, the players decide who goes first by rolling the dice. The one with the highest number will be the first to move. After the dice is rolled, the player's checkers move corresponding to the number of each dice. One checker is moved according to the number in the first dice. The 2nd checker moves according to the number in the second dice.

Within HepYek's interface, the board is displayed in the middle. The player profiles are displayed on the right. Since Backgammon games are short, the game is often played in matches. In HepYek, the player's number of wins is displayed just below their names. Additionally, the dice is rolled not on the board, but on its own pane.