Hell’s Kitchen

BigFish Games (Shareware)

Hell’s Kitchen is a video game based on the reality television series of the same name. In the game, players race against the clock to take orders, cook food, and serve guests as they come into the restaurant. Players must learn how to manage their time in order to get points for the level. Customers arrive in the restaurant and players must seat them and get their orders. After getting their orders, players must switch to the kitchen where the orders must be prepared and cooked. Orders must be cooked simultaneously in order for the player to get five stars. The longer the food rests, the lower the stars and points given to the player.

The game also features Gordon Ramsay, the host of the television show. Player must listen to the instructions from the chef in order to complete the challenges. After the service, Gordon Ramsay scores the performance based on the preparation and cooking for that level. Enough points must be garnered to move on to the next level. Unsatisfactory performance will result in a kitchen shutdown.

Hell’s Kitchen also features 35 recipes that were featured in the Hell’s Kitchen series. The recipes come complete with their respective ingredients and procedures so that users can try cooking them at home.