Helium Music Manager 9.2.1

Intermedia Software (Freeware)

Helium Music Manager is an all-in-one program that consists of several tools for managing a music library. The application can be divided into six parts:

• Tag – The program consists of several tools for editing the meta-data of music files. Users add audio information to the files or copy tag contents from one file to another. The tag feature also has batch mode for simultaneous tagging of files.
• Management – Users can manage an entire music library by adding album art, analyzing the quality of files, and repairing broken files. Files can also be converted to other audio formats.
• Explore – Helium Music Manager can be used to browse music files in different ways. Users can also filter the contents and create audio playlists.
• Import – The application supports mp3, flac, wma, ogg, and mp4. The audio files can be imported to portable media players.
• Play – Play music on or stream music from Shoutcast. Contacts on Windows Live Messenger can see the songs being played.
• Synchronize – Users can synchronize their music collection to their iPods, Zen, or other portable multimedia devices. Playlists can be exported, too.

Helium Music Manager also comes with an audio CD burner for creating music discs.