Helium Audio Joiner

Intermedia Software (Freeware)

Helium Audio Joiner is a simple application that is utilized in order to join several audio files into a single audio file. It supports a wide variety of audio file formats including WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AAC, MP3, and many others. The application has a basic user interface that can be used even by those who consider themselves basic computer users.

Entire folders of individual files can be imported to the application using their respective buttons that are on the upper portion of the window. Alternatively, audio files can be added to the program using the drag and drop method. Once files are imported, they appear on a list on the main window. Other information displayed are the source location of the file, the artist, title, album, and others. Users can also change the audio tags on the right side of the window. The Output Options at the bottom part of the main window is where users can choose the output format and tweak the Encoder options. Once all the settings have been configured to their liking, users can simply click the “Join files…” button to begin the process of file joining.

Helium Audio Joiner does not consume a lot of system resources and is available in different languages.