Helicon Print

Helicon Soft Ltd. (Proprietary)

Helicon Print is a utility that allows users to add several images to a printing queue and apply the same settings for all of them. The three- step workflow starts by adding the images to the printing queue, setting the printing settings, and then printing the images. To add an image to the queue, users can select an image and then press CTRL + P. They can also copy and paste the image to the queue using keyboard shortcut CTRL + C followed by CTRL + V. In addition, they can also use the main interface of this software by clicking on the “Open New File” button.

The main interface for Helicon Print is simple and user-friendly. The menu bar has three functions: File, Zoom, and Help. There are icons on the toolbar for Open, Save, Copy, Print, Zoom In, and Zoom Out. The center screen is where the actual image is displayed. For printing, users have to select one of the thumbnails and then set the printer settings including the paper size, source, and orientation. If the default size is not working, users can configure it as Fit to page, Fill page, Original size, and Custom size. There is a checkbox for printing the printable area only.