Helicon Focus 5

Helicon Soft Ltd. (Freeware)

Helicon Focus is a program made to enhance photographed images through focus stacking. Through this application, users can extend the depth of field in images beyond what is given in a photo. To use this program, users must first take several shots of one object or scene (with varying focus points) and the application will blend these together into one image with a greater depth of field, bringing more objects into focus. This application eliminates the problems created with images with a shallow depth of field, especially when the user wants an image in which the objects in the foreground and the background are in focus.

This tool is designed for macrophotography, microphotography, and hyperfocal landscape changes. Hyperfocal distance is the distance beyond which all objects in a scene can be recognized or brought into focus. It is also the distance at which the camera’s lens can be focused while the objects at infinity remain sharp. With this application, landscape shots remain sharp, from the foreground subjects to the landscape backdrop. This is useful when there are human subjects at the front and a scenery behind them. Helicon focus is a popular tool for photographers who basically love taking pictures of small objects like bugs, distant clouds, and more. This software extends the depth of field of a stack of photographs.