Helicon Filter 5

Helicon Soft Ltd. (Shareware)

Helicon Filter 5 is an image editing program designed and released by Helicon Soft on March 2013. It is a photo editing tool that enables users to enhance their photos through photographic filters. This provides a non-destructive way of editing pictures as the original picture is not edited, but instead a filter is layered over the image. Filters may be layered on top of another, undone, and reapplied without harming the original image. Filters may even be saved and applied on subsequent images to achieve the same effect.

Helicon Filter 5 features basic editing tools for resizing, cropping, adjusting exposure, and correcting white balance. It also has brightness and contrast adjustment tools. Sharpening and noise reduction may be done automatically or by selecting particular colors to be sharpened or reduced. For wide-angle images, this program features a lens distortion correction tool, as well as a vignetting correction tool. It also fixes Lateral CA aberrations and purple fringing. Users may also add text or captions on an image, or add picture frames. Users have a choice of adding solid color frames, gradient frames, or vector frames that comes free with the program. There are also some retouching tools like the clone tool and the touch-up tool.

Helicon Filter 5 offers easy upload options to three main online galleries—Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. It also features support for several input and output file formats including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, DNG, and even Photoshop’s PSD.