Helicon 3D Viewer 1.3.10

Helicon Soft Ltd. (Freeware)

Helicon 3D Viewer is a graphic application designed for users who wish to manipulate and view three-dimensional models made with Helicon Focus software. With this program, users can save their 3D files in various formats. A license is not required to install and use the viewer. Users may opt to share their 3D files to others by sending recipients a bundle that includes both the viewer application and the 3D model itself.

Helicon 3D Viewer allows the users to make simple adjustments of their own. For instance, a user can set the viewing point, adjust the rotation speed, and add or modify light sources.

In addition, a 3D file’s relief can be optimized through amplifying depths and rubbing off rough contours by using the program’s Depth Map tool. Additionally, 3D models can be set to rotate at a fixed speed and recorded as a video that may be uploaded online. The user can also do the following with the Viewer:

• Export the model to wavefront OBJ format
• Save images as QuickTime, DivX, and Xvid files
• Create a pair of red/green/blue anaglyph images for viewing in 3D
• Take a snapshot from the current angle
• Create HTML pages