Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

Longbow Digital Arts (Proprietary)

Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece is a real-time strategic war game. Warfare activities include field battles, reconnaissance, mountain blockades, and raids, across Ancient Greece’s map. Players may represent Sparta, Athens, or Macedonia  in 3 historical campaigns. Players may also choose between the board game map and 3D world. A diplomacy system allows game characters to create alliances and truces between factions.

Challenges include protecting and building one’s supply network to nourish a growing kingdom. Supply lines may be upgraded to obtain additional food when needed. Simultaneously, starve and siege enemies by destroying their crops, and cutting their supplies. Controls are precise and intuitive. Unit rotations may be resized, rotated, and dragged to have control of battlefield tactics either in real of paused time. Enemy subjugation can be done by making them build forts and work mines. Fleet building may be done for enemy merchant raiding, protecting coastlines, or sending armies to enemies. The game’s tactical system has been expanded to level up battlefield strategy, and includes camping, charging, and flanking.  Epic sandbox mode also has twenty-six factions such as the Persian empire and Crete island to choose from. Game may be paused at anytime to plot maneuvers, issue orders, and inspect troops.