hedgewars 0.9.19

Hedgewar Projects (Open Source)

Hedgewars is a turn-based artillery skill game that features pink hedgehogs. The objective of the game is for the player to assemble a team of hedgehog soldiers to fight enemy hedgehogs. The hedgehog toons are customizable. Players can modify the hedgehog’s voice, forts, and gravestones. Hedgehogs can also have their own names. During a battle, hedgehogs die if they drown or when their hit points reach zero.

Players choose from a variety of weapons (bazooka, grenade, and shotgun, to name a few) and utilities for their hedgehog team. Some weapons can blow up circular chunks from landscapes. Explosives can be buried and set off. Players can use utilities like ropes and teleportation tools to gain more mobility. The game features various battlefield landscapes. These landscapes are floating islands or restricted caves. These are randomly generated or custom-drawn by players with a basic map editor.

The game also has a variety of scripts and missions that allow different gameplay modes such as ’Capture the Flag’, ’Random Weapons’ and more. Players can team up together and fight each another. A tutorial mode is available where human players fight team controlled by the computer. The game also has a fort mode, which allows players to use their team’s fort design in battle.