Hebrew Calendar

Calendar Maven (Shareware)

The Hebrew Calendar is a utility that is useful in determining the dates of the Jewish holidays. This application is also useful for ceremonial uses such as determining Torah portions that need to be read, assigning daily readings of the Psalms, and marking the dates for the commemoration of the death of a relative. This program is a digital version of the Hebrew lunar calendar that is used in Judaism, which is markedly different from the Gregorian calendar which is based on the rotation of the earth around the sun.

The Hebrew Calendar by Calendar Maven is an effective tool in the calculation of important Hebrew dates. It is easy to use and facilitates the determination of when the Shabbat and other holidays celebrated in Judaism will fall during the year. This application is available as a free download.

This calendar application is useful in determining dates which are relevant in agriculture and it is also applicable for civil purposes. This utility is designed to calculate the years according to the sun while the months are calculated according to the moon. This program presents users with a package that is easy to use and the information that it provides is accurate.