HeavyWeather 1.54

LaCrosse Technology (Freeware)

Heavy Weather is an application that is used in conjunction with the La Crosse Technology series of wireless personal weather stations. Users who have bought the weather station hardware are given the program license free of charge. When the weather station has been properly set up, users can then install the program. Once the application has been set up, it will start synchronizing with the weather station. The program provides users with the ability to make use of their computers to monitor and make a record of the weather data that had been received from the wireless weather station.

With this application, users will be able to observe and record a variety of information collected by the weather station, which includes both external and indoor values that were sampled by the various sensors of the weather station. This tool also makes it possible for users to review the data on weather history. By doing so, users can analyze weather trends and tendencies over time. Heavy Weather also provides users with charts and graphs that they can use to aid in their analysis.

Users can view all of the weather attributes reported from the weather station on the program’s main window. The left side of the screen contains the File Management window, while the right side shows a tabbed dialog box area containing the windows showing the weather properties collected by the weather station’s sensors.