HeavyLoad 3.3 (64-bit)

JAM Software (Freeware)

HeavyLoad is a stress tool that allows users to test the system’s performance when it is being used heavily. This is useful for testing the different components of the computer to see how they fair when the system is under “stress”. The program is simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy. Users can view the results on a chart that shoes the CPU usage, disk space, free memory, and frames per second. These are also color-coded to make it easier for the user to track.

The system tests can be performed continuously or the users can choose to automatically stop the tests on a set time. With this tool, users have complete control over the testing method to be used for the system. Tests can be accessed from the Test Options menu where the available options include Stress CPU, Stress GPU, and Allocate Memory among others. Users also have control over how often the chart will be updated.  

Here are the other features of the HeavyLoad application:

• Comes with a set of options for users to change the program’s behavior
• Provides in-depth results for different system tests
• User-friendly interface for both beginners and advanced users