Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

Teyon (Shareware)

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan is an arcade shooter video gamed created by Teyon and distributed by Mastiff. It was first released in 2011. The game’s plot revolves around a soldier whose only dream is to become a Marine since he was seven years of age. After graduating from high school, the protagonist gets enlisted and becomes a part of the force. The game begins with the player’s goal to battle terrorists in Afghanistan. The game features 24 missions and different game modes. Players can play in a team (to up to four players) in co-op modes or fight against them (or with AI) in a versus mode.

The gameplay is straightforward focusing on a standard light-gun shooter gameplay. The main objective is to kill the enemies (terrorists) while ensuring that friendly forces are not harmed. Most items in the game interface cannot be destroyed. However, players can shoot some items such as boards, jars, and signs. The player’s health can be replenished by picking up health packs scattered all over the game’s environment. The player’s character is always carrying two types of weapons – a machine gun and apistol. The machine gun features limited ammo. When this happens, the player can use the pistol, which offers unlimited ammo. However, the pistol must be reloaded constantly.