SteelBytes (Freeware)

HD_Speed is a program developed and distributed by SteelBytes. The application simply monitors the speed of a disk or any storage device. It also uses very minimal system resources because of the “basic” nature of the program. HD_Speed was created with users who have mid-level to professional-level knowledge of computers and how these work. However, the interface design and how it operates makes it accessible to novice users as well.

HD_Speed measures speed by calculating and monitoring the burst and sustained transfer rate of any storage device. It is very simple to install and run. Although this application is not designed for users with minimal computer knowledge, the Graphical User Interface of the application is easy to navigate. The user only needs to select the type of drive to test, the number of blocks to be used during the test, choose an option whether to test burst rate and log results on a file, and identify a testing mode for the whole procedure. Once the ‘Start’ button is pressed, the application runs on its own and requires no intervention to generate results. It is highly advised to let the test finish first before using the computer to avoid inaccurate results.