HDR Express 2.1

UCT (Shareware)

HDR Express is a tool for creating HDR (high dynamic range) images. The program comes with a new image browser where users can see the thumbnails of all the images. The auto stacking feature makes it easier to select similar files so that they are easier to process. The program comes with several presets and styles that can be applied to the image to achieve HDR results. HDR Express has a built-in adaptive tone mapping technology that is capable of improving the colors and the contrast in the highlights on an image. After editing images, users can immediately view the changes in full screen with the slideshow feature. This makes it easier to view the results without using another application.

HDR Express has a merge & alignment tool for improving images taken with a camera shake. The tools in the program provide users with better results when merging several photos into one image file. Another feature of the application is de-ghosting. When images are merged, a ‘ghost’ appears in the image if the subjects in the photo moved during the shot. The de-ghosting feature of the program eliminates the ‘ghosts’ from the photo to come up with a better HDR image.