HDR Expose 2

UCT (Shareware)

HDR Express 2 is a photo editing program that is used for HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. The program comes with simple and advanced tools for improving and editing photos. Here are some of the program’s main features:

• Slideshow – The program has a slideshow feature, so users can go through their HDR images on the desktop in full screen. This eliminates having to open each image one by one in order to see it fully.
• Automatic Stacking – This feature automatically stacks photos in order when the user needs to merge them. Users do not need to go through the photos one by one and arrange them in order before working, as the program automatically does this.
• Merge and Align – The Merge and Align feature reduces the effect of camera shake on images, as this tool merges exposures of the same picture in order to come up with an HDR image without the blurs.
• Adaptive Tone Mapping – With the Adaptive Tone Mapping technology, users can easily change and edit different areas of an image using the different settings and sliders that are associated with them.
• Presets – HDR Express 2 comes with presets that consist of HDR styles. Users can just click on a style and apply it on an image for instant results.