HDDlife Pro 4.0.194

BinarySense, Ltd. (Shareware)

HDDlife Pro is an application that allows users to check and monitor the health status of their hard disk drive. When this application detects a problem during its analysis or when the HDD processes reach critical levels, it triggers alerts to notify the user. It is designed for advanced computer users, but beginners will have no trouble learning how to use it due to its simple and straightforward interface. The plain layout shows the HDD’s health status as well as the performance meters, including the capacity of the HDD, the free space, label, and file system. Users can save the status report as a LOG file.

This application has a S.M.A.R.T. analysis feature, which shows the following attributes of the HDD: read error rate, RAW, reallocated sectors, power-on hours, spin-up time, and other important data pertaining to hard disk use. HDDlife Pro can also check the drive’s temperature according to the specified time interval, may it be in every few seconds or minutes, especially if the user is running multiple processes at the same time. Users can customize the status display’s text and background colors, so they can easily see if their HDD has reached a critical temperature or running low on free space.

Alerts can be sent to the user’s email account or to a remote computer in the network, which makes this application a useful tool for IT managers in a network.