HDD Raw Copy Tool 1.02 (Freeware)

HDD Raw Copy Tool is designed to make a duplicate of media files. It is also capable of creating raw or compressed images by sector. This program’s two main functions are image creation and duplication of hard disks. The uses of this tool include data recovery, data migration, and backing up of files. These functions are applicable with a variety of drives including SSD hard disk, USB, MemoryStick, SD, CompactFlash, MMC, and Firewire external drive, among others. Duplicating of FLASH cards is usually done with the help of a card reader.

The HDD Raw Copy Tool works by sector. It creates copies of every area of the computer system’s hard drive no matter what the operating system is. This tool works equally well in computers that have OS, Linux, or Windows.

HDD Raw Copy Tool can be used in any of the following:

• Creating an exact duplicate of the hard drive for back up or future use
• Making a copy of a drive that has been damaged
• Creating a copy of a hard drive that is damaged excluding sectors that are in a bad state
• Transferring (migrating) one hard drive’s content into another

Its coverage is very comprehensive since it copies all partitions plus the spaces, MBR, and boot records as well.