HDD Observer

Daoisoft (Shareware)

HDD Observer is a monitoring and repairing application that resolves hard-drive deficiencies. The application has a compact and minimalist interface with intuitive layout that is easy to navigate. Users can easily run the program as it automatically initiates all necessary operations and processes once prompted. As a monitoring tool, HDD Observer keeps track of the condition and the overall performance of the computer. This is accompanied by a comprehensive report of the system with certain parameters such as disk temperature, software performance, and memory health taken into account.

HDD Observer does real-time monitoring so that all active and inactive data are checked. The active functions of the hard drive are then presented in a system tray icon. In addition, the application also examines system and registry fragmentation for easy recovery whenever a program malfunctions due to corrupted fragmentation files. In relation to this, the program has a defragmentation tool that enhances the optimization level of the system by defragmenting the disk. If in case, there are major problems affecting the performance of the computer, the application will notify the user for professional assistance. Nevertheless, the program can be set to load during system start-up or as frequent as possible so that major problems are prevented before they even build-up.