HDD Guardian

Parise Samuele (Freeware)

HDD Guardian is an application that regularly scans and checks the computer’s hard disk drive to alert users of an imminent system crash. This enables users to create a backup of their data just in case the system fails. The application bases its diagnostics on the hard drive’s SMART attributes. SMART stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, and the attributes include runtime bad block, spin up time, and read error rate. This utility checks these attributes on a regular basis (the default is four hours) and notifies the user in case it detects significant changes in operating parameters and high hardware temperature.

The program interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and understand by users of all skill levels. The main window provides an overview of the hard drive, including its last test result, the temperature, previously detected bad sectors, and the system’s overall health. HDD Guardian starts by running a system scan, after which it displays the test results showing the hard drive status. It analyzes the results automatically and shows the user the hard drive sectors with errors. Based on the analysis, the application will highlight potential problems and imminent system failure. Users can then choose to perform system backup operations or have their computer undergo a comprehensive system check and repair.