HD Tune Pro

EFD Software (Shareware)

HD Tune Pro is a HDD and SDD benchmarking program developed by EFD Software. It offers different functions to test different aspects of the computer’s performance. It has a Benchmark function, which provides four tests – Transfer Rate, Access Time, Burst Rate, and CPU Usage. There is also a File Benchmark function, which can perform Block Size test and Transfer Speed Test. Measuring the Random read/write operations is also possible using the Random Access function. An Extra Tests function is also available offering various small tests to determine various performance parameters of the hard drive including Random Seek, Butterfly Seek, Cache Test, Burst Rate and more.

Measuring the Health of HDD and SDD can also be done. This function utilizes S.M.A.R.T. to obtain information regarding the hard disk’s health such as ID, Worst, Current, Data, Threshold, Status, and Data. The Health function also has a Log button, which displays the S.M.A.R.T. status history. Scanning the whole disk surface for possible errors can also be done through the Error Scan function. The application also offers the Folder Usage function, which displays how much space is there in the folders. Erasing the hard drive is also possible using four delete methods – Zero Fill, Random Fill, DoD, and Guttman. A Disk Monitor function is also available, which monitors the hard disk activity. Reducing seek noise or increasing seek performance is also possible through the AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management) function.