HD Tune 5.00

EFD Software (Freeware)

HD Tune is a utility program that enables users to monitor and maintain their computer’s hard disk drive. This program provides features used in displaying information, monitor the current performance status, analyze problems, perform maintenance checks, and analyze the computer’s hard disk drive for solutions. HD Tune also provides secure erasure tasks, comprehensive error scans, recording benchmark performance metrics, and displaying read, write, and sign-up times performed by the computer’s hard disk. The program’s benchmark tool allows users to determine the average and maximum hard disk transfer rates, as well as the burst rate and access time. This program also scans and notifies users of errors that occur in hard disk blocks. HD Tune is capable of running as a background application and can be set to run routine hard disk scans or schedule maintenance tasks at a time set by the user.

HD Tune features a simple user interface where tasks are grouped into four tabs. These tabs include Benchmark, Info, Health, and Error Scan. Aside from these tabs, HD Tune also contains buttons on the upper portion of the program window. These buttons execute actions such as copy, paste, and save. The Benchmark tab displays various hard disk information such as transfer rate, access time, burst rate, and CPU usage. The Info tab contains different feature options that can be activated by the user by clicking on the check boxes. The Health tab displays hard disk and process information while the Error Scan tab allows users to perform hard disk analysis for sector and cluster errors.