SoftPerfection (Shareware)

HB or Home Budget is a program specially built by Soft Perfection to help users do their household finances easily.  It is designed in a traditional envelope system where portions of a family's income are set aside for various expenses. It can also be a budgeting tool for personal use and automation purposes.

HB allows users to set aside portions of their income in virtual envelopes, manage these accounts, and balance every accountable amount. It can handle not just income but also other sources of finances such as credit cards, loans, and bank assets. The double entry system uses two types of accounts. First is the source of income or bank accounts, and the second account is where the envelopes are located and expenses for daily usage are taken from.

HB has a simple user interface with an easy renaming of accounts function, budget setup prompts, and modernized account book. Its main features are: quick one line entry per transaction, credit card spending tracker, drop-down calendars, display charts or graphs for data combinations, print and summarize options, auto payment scheduler, instant selection of time windows to view transactions, plus networth and assets tracking. Additional features include: new account wizards, the ability to import from Quicken, and autocompletion. Memory is not a problem as Home Budget can accommodate even up to 50,000 transactions depending on internal hard drive specifications.