Haunted Domains 1

Alawar (Shareware)

Haunted Domains is a hotel-themed time management game developed and published by the company, Alawar Entertainment. The player assumes the role of Sheila, a former hotel manager who lost her job and gets a strange call from her grandfather. He himself has been involved in the hotel industry for a long time, and he found Sheila a job; however, she has to start right away. Unfortunately, Dracula meets her on her first day at work and he transforms Sheila’s pet dog into a wooden chest. In order for Dracula to change her pet back into its original form, she has to help him run a few of his hotels and renovate a run-down boarding house.

Haunted Domains offers 2 difficulty modes and 50 playing levels, including an endless shift. The player assumes the role of Sheila and is responsible for making sure that all guests are served on time. The player must pay attention to each customer’s set of traits, which includes patience level, room preferences, and weird habits. The main goal is to earn a specific amount of money by serving satisfied customers, getting tips from color matches, and providing other services like carrying luggage and checking out guests. The player can queue anticipated tasks to hasten the chain of actions, thereby, serving the guests promptly.