HateML Pro

Migajek Software; Michal Gajek (Freeware)

HateML Pro is a PHP IDE program developed by Migajek Software and released in October 2006. It features support for CSS and XHTML programming language. This program assists users in debugging and editing PHP scripts, xHTML sites, and web applications. HateML Pro offers an advanced syntax-highlighting engine that not only matches text parts, but also performs document parsing. It provides syntax highlighting support for a variety of programming languages including CSS, PHP, XHTML, SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, and XML. The program also features automatic syntax checking support for PHP, CSS, as well as XHTML.

HateML Pro offers many programming tools to assist users. The Intellisense and Codehint functions appear as a popup window that suggests functions and class members to assist users when writing a code. It automatically detects the code and provides users PHP built-in functions to choose from. The program also automatically parses the whole code to enable Intellisense and Codehint to supply the most up to date information available in the popup. HateML Pro also features a Debugger tool that enables users to test the code by creating breakpoints during execution. This allows users to observe the variable’s values and modify them accordingly. The Profiler tool tunes up the PHP application’s performance. The CodeBrowser tool provides easy document parsing to provide the user vital information on dependencies, functions, classes, constants, class functions, and class variables. The program also functions as an FTP Client.